Destination Linux Network launched in September of 2019 as a central hub for Linux and open-source content creators and the community.

The goals is simple, we want to help accelerate and promote the growth of open-source and Linux leveraging the incredible community behind Destination Linux and all of our partners such as This Week In Linux, DasGeek, Sudo Show, and a growing list of others that share our core values.

DLN brings the best of the community together and provides a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone to use, learn, and enjoy Linux and open-source.

Bringing these sizable communities together also allows us to give back like never before. Join our Discourse forums so you can participate in picking charities that focus on causes like privacy, security, digital divide, and issues that are important to us all. Giving back is an important part of our mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the shows in the network going to change?

A: The creators that are apart of the network will continue to have creative control of their shows and content.

Q: What does the DLN Network want to accomplish?

A: We have a lot of goals centered around the promotion and growth of open-source and Linux. DLN and our partners want to promote a healthy community made-up of kind and inclusive individuals that share our passion. Additionally, we want to help market Linux like never before. We believe the lack of marketing expertise has been a major hurdle for Linux and open-source growth and we hope that with the help of the community we can take this challenge on. 

Q: Will you be accepting new creators on the network?

A: Yes! We have several new shows in the works and are always looking for creators that produce family friendly content related to technology, security, privacy, hardware, open-source, and Linux. We look for people who engage with the community and actively seek to help others. If you think your content fits this criteria then you can reach out to us on the Contact page.

Q: Where is the swag?

A: We’re glad you asked. The swag is coming and will include a range of projects from all the creators involved in the network.

Q: How can I support DLN?

A: We will be announcing new ways to support DLN and the creators on the network in the near future. What we need most right now is for you to spread the word on social media, engage in the community via the Discourse forums, Telegram, and be a kind and awesome human being to one-another.

Q: How is the charity system going to work?

A: There will be a special section of Discourse for the community to suggest charities for us to support. While we will pick one charity at a time to sponsor, DLN will change up the charities from time to time to keep the energy high and make sure we represent the multitude of important causes out there.

Q: How is Destination Linux Network different from Destination Linux?

A: Destination Linux podcast is apart of the DLN. Thanks to the incredible support and growth of Destination Linux podcast we were able to form this legal entity DLN to help create new ways to engage with the community and promote open-source and Linux.